Getting Luxurious honeymoon safaris

If you are considering marrying at some point in your life and don’t think the institution of marriage is archaic and outdated, as many young people do, the problem of where to go on a honeymoon may be to give you sleepless nights. God knows this is an important decision. You must find the right place so as not to leave the room for 10-14 days. If the idea of ​​a tropical beach resort is boring and too cold for you to ski, you can think of a Penwell Safaris in the Park. The emphasis is on luxury, because the owners of the Private Game Lodge, the recommended lodge for newlyweds, are doing everything possible to ensure their comfort and anticipate all their needs.

If you insist on going out and doing something other than a honeymoon, then this is really the place. The list of events is almost endless. There are morning safaris and night walks in open land rovers. Guided walks through the bushes, tracking of the Big Five, which will be good parties for several weeks after my return, as well as wine tasting. There are also spa treatments that include mud, aromatherapy and water treatments. There is a curiosity store, and the lodge even has a library and a cellar. Of course, there are also extravagant breakfasts and dinners.

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In the heart of Park there is even a golf course, and not a joke. You can play golf in the middle of the Big Five, but try to stay outside; You do not want to go to get your ball in the bushes. It is not known what you can find. However, if you are on a honeymoon, golf may not be a good idea. You can try squash or tennis; Fun sports like a couple that both can laugh at.

Activities continue with a private helicopter ride that not only guides you through the park, but also guides you through the breathtaking surrounding landscape, such as the Window of God, Burke potholes and Falls.

The lodge also has a boutique shop where you can buy trendy clothes, African artifacts and luggage to accommodate all the new clothes and funny things you just bought. Cameras, films and batteries are also available in case you forget yours or if an elephant accidentally appears on it.

After a busy day of spa treatments and helicopter rides, you can relax with an iced drink on your private terrace and take a swim in the private pool. These are just 2 of the standard amenities of all hotel suites.Other amenities include a bathroom with a shower, a large outdoor shower, which should be incredibly romantic at sunset, a fireplace, a minibar and a refrigerator, a mini safe and air conditioning, because it is very hot in this part. of the world