Mistakes men make when wearing jeans with a jacket

How did the idea of ​​putting together two apparently incompatible clothes come together? Was it a man who was urged to leave the house and who lacked decent pants to accompany his jacket had no choice but to put on his jeans?Over the years the combination of pair of jeans and a jacket have become very popular among fashion lovers around the world. But often we make some mistakes achieving the perfect look with jeans and jacket. Click here for em ซื้อ ที่ไหน.

Like everything in the world of fashion, there are successes when choosing an outfit, but also mistakes that often end up spoiling what could have looked spectacular. Those details are what we will share here so that your jeans-jacket combination makes you feel comfortable and you look great in the eyes of others.

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Always wear a white shirt

The reason is very simple: if the shirt looks worn, many people will believe it is your underwear. It is not bad that you wear it, but opt ​​for colored shirts, prints or shirts. Sweaters are also a wise option. They will look much better. Visit this site for กางเกง holdem ราคา.

Wear black patent leather shoes

It is often believed that the shoes should be the same as those worn with a suit. Not so, when wearing jeans with a jacket is your chance to take out those loafers that you like so much. Besides the patent … is really not as elegant as you might think.

Choose colored pants

It is not that they are strictly forbidden, it is that they do not look as good as with the sobriety of a dark blue or black. Remember that you are not dressing to look extravagant, but to innovate your mix between elegance and relaxation.