Wellness in the spa – a holistic approach to body and soul health

SPA treatments are growing in popularity. They are used not only for beauty – but they also ensure relaxation and have proven pro-health effects. Check what their benefits are, what are the risks and contraindications – as well as how to use the sauna and improve the appearance of cellulite skin in SPA. The term SPA is now understood as an abbreviation of the words “. Many sources, day spa in andover  however, state that the term SPA comes rather from the name of the town Spa in Belgium, known for its mineral water and hot springs. The place has been functioning as a health resort since the Middle Ages, and for 300 years, the name has been synonymous with a healing spring. This is the true meaning of the word “spa” in the local Walloon language. Regardless of the origin, SPA treatments are an effective way to relax, improve appearance and health.

Types of SPA and treatments performed

Today’s SPA is created in places of natural water intakes, but often also in tourist places. Currently, these are more health centers, where, in addition to body treatments, there are healing waters and healthy food available day spa in andover , as well as meditation, relaxation or yoga classes, self-development training or cooking workshops. The essence of visits to the SPA are still faced and body treatments – from baths, showers, and saunas, through scrubs, masks, and massages, to treatments for hands and feet.

SPA Treatment

Heat therapy – how to use the sauna

 Today, we usually do it in dry saunas, in which the air temperature is 80-100 degrees Celsius, and the humidity does not exceed 20%, although it can also be higher.

The sauna’s effect stimulates heart action and blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, and brings relaxation. However, it is a myth that sweating caused in this way increases the loss of toxins from the body and causes weight loss. However, because the elevated temperature accelerates the metabolic rate, it can support fat burning when using a reduction diet or weight loss training. Beneficial sauna sessions for many people are inadvisable for people with heart disease, pregnant women, and the sick, especially those with active infections. They can be unfavorable with disorders of blood pressure regulation (especially when the high and low temperatures are used alternately) and kidney function – because it intensifies water loss, it can cause a significant deficit. Therefore, drinking water should be available next to the sauna. After leaving it, it is worth drinking 2-4 cups of water.