Relativity Media is an American media company headquartered in California, United States. Founded in 2004 by Lynwood Spinks and Ryan Kavanaugh, the company has seven divisions:

  • Relativity Studios
  • Relativity Media Home Entertainment
  • Relativity International
  • Relativity Sports
  • Relativity Digital Studios
  • Relativity Music
  • Relativity Education

Relativity Media also has four different subsidiaries:

  • Rogue
  • Trigger Street Productions
  • Madvine
  • R2 Entertainment

Relativity.EuropaCorp.Distribution is the only joint venture of Relativity Media. RED is its more common name.

Relativity Studios

The company’s film production division was its first and most significant division. Relativity Studios produced, distributed, and structured financing for about two hundred motion pictures. These films generated more than seventeen billion dollars in worldwide box-office revenue. The said films earned sixty Academy Awards nominations.

Relativity Media Home Entertainment

This division offers access to Relativity Media titles across different platforms, including all significant digital downloads, video-on-demand, and DVD/Blu-ray platforms. Relativity Media Home Entertainment does not only release the studio’s theatrical films. It also makes select titles from Relativity Media’s partner companies available.

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Relativity Media International

Relativity Media International oversees global sales. It is also in charge of distribution management of both the studio’s films and third-party releases. Its motion pictures have grossed about one billion dollars at foreign box offices.

Relativity Sports

Known as one of the largest professional sports agencies in the world, this division of Relativity Media provides more than three hundred NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes with various services. Contract negotiation and custom film and television content production are only some of its services. There are so many negotiated contracts done by Relativity Sports and its agents. The total is already more than two billion and a half dollars.

Relativity Digital Studios

Relativity Digital Studios is Relativity Media’s production and graphics team division. Relativity Digital Studios produces, directs, and edits web series. It also creates special effects that amaze the audience. The division creates campaigns with international personalities in support of Relativity Media films and develops branded entertainment campaigns. Brand partners marry relevant Relativity Media divisions through these.

Relativity Music Group

This division of Relativity Media releases soundtracks and score albums from both major studios and TV networks. It has grown fast and became a strong force in soundtrack album releases around the globe. It also provides in-house music supervision for films.

Relativity Education

Relativity Education is Relativity Media’s division that offers several films, media, and performing arts programs. It does not only provide long-term plans, it also has summer workshops.