Getting Familiar With Scem

Scem program was a building façade in togetherness for the envelope of building and contribution in roof for the gain of solar heat in a building and as such technicians and energy managers should be well knowledgable and were equipped properly to minimize their loads during their work and also be skillful for easy technique of building with ideas of highlighted skills.

They were taught in such a way as Singapore Certified Energy Manager or were called the scem program with good and useful knowledge in Lighting products for helping to integrate some supplementary daylight to save some loads from lightning and thermal plants.

Objectives of Scem

  1. Single skin façade to save the components of curtain walls
  2. Façade specialist solve critical events which arise during installation planning
  3. Calculation of ETTV and RETV for fenestration and roof wall building
  4. Computer simulations for Daylighting design of Singapore standards and LEED in Green Mark
  5. Evaluate retrofit for cost initials and economics related to life cycles
  6. And many such functional and helpful skills for knowledge being used in future


Targeted to Audience by Scem

  • Managers involving energy
  • Representative of management
  • Works which need Executive and some supervisors also for facilitating some energy managers

Some peoples who now the leaders of some company were been sometimes part of thisprogram were K Seshadri, Kelvin Kan, Alvin Cheong who were now the CEO of companies, an architect in Us and another became one of the speakers of this program.