Time for the world to hop on the wellness train

            If you are constantly working and having your job as your first priority it’s time to let that go. Your first priority should be your health, especially your corporate well being. The workplace can be stressful, but employers have to know that corporate wellness in UAE or anywhere else is an important factor for the employees.

What are business doing to increases this?

            Business should not be hesitant about making changes with this, especially if they are trying to improve it. Some of the things that UAE are doing to increase the well being is by introducing fitness challenges during the office hours. Also they are providing more flexible working arrangements. There is also something called mindfulness training, it’s almost like meditation, it is done to reduce the stress. Business are also introducing health education as well.

How can companies benefit from this?

            Establishing corporate wellness UAE is beneficial for business because first of all it would mean that the workers are happy and less stressed. They can work more efficiently, and increase the productivity. With this business can boost their revenues and increase their profits. It also gives the business a better image and reputation as it shows they care about the employees.

Are there cons to this?

            The only main issue is the costs that businesses have to endure. Setting up fitness facilities and so only will be expensive. Also this could harm the productivity if they are seeking the facilities during working hours.