6 Things You Need to Know When on Travel to Bhutan

The small country of Bhutan in the Himalayas is one of the most impressive and least visited countries in the world. However, only a small proportion of tourists come bhutan tours from Singapore every year because of their area, expenses and travel logistics.

Processing visas and files

If you are planning to visit Bhutan, you should first apply for a visa and book your trip as part of one of the 100 government approved trips. Tourists often make the mistake of booking trips through informal operators and landing in warm waters after landing in the country.

The perfect time to visit

Bhutan is suitable for traveling throughout the year, when the peak season is in spring and autumn.

Get there and far

A large number of travelers will arrive in Paro, Bhutan, through one of two airlines: Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air.

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Bring your money

Although major cities, such as Thimpu and Paro, are dotted with ATM manufacturers, it is always wise to carry a reliable amount of cash with you.

Bring adequate clothing

While national and traditional costumes are the subject of charm and rarity for many peoples, people in Bhutan usually wear national dresses.

Social knowledge

Although Bhutanese are some of the kindest people you meet during your travels, it is always nice to be familiar with the culture and way of life that you come across. Be sure not to smoke cigarettes in limited areas, the country accepts this rule rather strictly. Similarly, avoid making negative comments about the royal family of Bhutan and do not disclose views on dubious issues such as ethnic cleansing.