Proxy and its features

There are many things that understand when we dig up how this internet actually works. But the majority ofinternet users are not interested in this. This is the reason there exists high danger about the data security breaches on the internet. So, it is very important to understand what actually occurs on the web when a user tries to browse something and what he may lose if he is not secured. Meantime he must also understand why there is a proxy server and what it does.

proxy browser

Proxy Server:

A proxy server is something which sits in between the internet and the user,and it acts like a gateway. This is an intermediary server which is present to separate the websites which are browsed by the user and the user. There are many kinds of proxy servers and the functionalities they provide also vary. Along with this, privacy and security they bring also depends on the type of proxy you chose. Today there are many free proxy servers available which can be utilized by the users.

When a user uses a proxy server, the internet traffic will be flowing via the proxy. When a user requests for something it will come back to him through the proxy server. But there is much more to understand. Proxy is not limited to act as an intermediary server. It does many things mainly in the name of network performance and security.

The proxy can work as a web filter as well as like a firewall, it can offer shared network connection as well, it can improve the speed of the normal requests, and it can even cache the data. When a proxy is present, it can protect the user’sdata and internal network also from the stuff like hacking. So, in summary, the proxy can bring a very high level of security.

How does it work?

There will be IP address or Internet Protocol for each and every computer,and this is unique to that computer. Through this internet is able to serve the right client with the right data.Proxy is also a computer which has IP address of its own. When a proxy is present,andthe client sends some request, it is first received by proxy. It will later make the same request on the web on behalf of the client machine. It also collects response on behalf and provides it to the user. This is the reason there is no way through which web server will come to know about the client machine,and this is the main reason proxy is being used.