Sending Your Boyfriend Away With More Than Memories

Loved ones going away can be a painful and heartbreaking experience. Not just for the one leaving who is saying goodbye to everyone they love but also for the ones they leave behind. And for that particular reason, going away gifts are not just etiquette but a way of showing someone how much they care and love them.

This article, in particular, is to help those who are saying goodbye to their boyfriends. Choosing the right gift can be very frustrating and difficult. Attaching an emotional value to a gift is the most unique way of getting someone a gift.

So here are a few things you could consider while choosing the going away gifts for your boyfriend.


  • Love Letters. Love letters are more of a personal gift to give that holds a large emotional value to it, but it also takes time and effort to write them. These letters need not be full-fledged letters instead they can also be snippets of quotes or things a boyfriend would want to hear his love say to him. Words live forever, they are immortal.
  • An Instant Camera. The easy thing about instant cameras is that you get the hardcopy of the photo at the moment. Only have a few seconds to spend together? Capture the moment and hold that memory with you forever. Missing out on adventures together no more! Memories standstill with polaroids.
  • A Cookbook. A cookbook may seem like a silly gift to give someone going away. But mostly when it’s young men, there’s a chance when left alone, they’d starve. Cookbooks that are simple to follow steps are the best for a situation like this. This gift can also be made by the loved one, putting effort into a gift makes it 10 times more wanted.
  • A Bluetooth Speaker. Not only can it be used for the man’s liking but also when on a call with his loved ones, a speaker that captures every sound and gives the most clarity to every conversation spoken. Multitasking is no more an issue when a phone call can be heard from one room to another.
  • A Portable Charger. Afraid that your boyfriend is going to let their phone die? A charger that will help through all the late-night conversations and video calls. There is no longer an excuse for someone’s phone dying when in the middle of an intense conversation. (filled with love)
  • A Care Package. Care packages include everything starting from stationary to everyday snacks to toiletries. These Gifts can contain anything and everything a loved one would desire at their time of need.
  • A Mug. Customized mugs that include a picture or a saying that would remind you of one another. Waking up every morning to drink coffee and to be reminded of their loved one is a brilliant start to a day. Happy memories and thoughts all day create a happy person.
  • A Wrist Watch. Counting down the minutes till they are to see you again. Remind them that you think of them every minute of every day. A watch stays on their wrist through the entire day that helps them remind them of how much their loved ones think of them and never leave their minds.
  • Apart from the normal clothing options, getting a whole new wardrobe for your loved one keeping in mind the place they are going to move to can be a thoughtful gift filled with love. Weather and climate-appropriate clothing as a going away gift can never go wrong. Apart from these, custom made t-shirts can also be made after being familiar with their favorites.

At the end of the day, can be anything that they will hold close to their hearts when gifted to them. It varies from relationship to relationship. They all revolve around care and love that is put into choosing the right gift for the right person. Goodbyes are painful but filling that temporary gap of saying goodbye can be filled with remnants of one’s love for the other through thoughtful gifts.

It is never the actions that matter, it’s the thought that counts.