Thinking of what to choose as Christmas gifts Singapore? Always remember that the gifts show appreciation to someone throughout the year. Here in this post,  we will help you with some facts that you need to consider before picking up the gift for your loved ones. Let’s check them out.

1. Recognize the Choice of the other person

The thing that the gift should match is the personality of the person to whom you’re going to give the same.

 2. Don’t Forget To Dedicate

 When giving the gift, dedication should be placed, giving a small but significant thanks, either in a note or personally over a call.

3. Remember, these are the people who always deserve a gift

  1. Boss
  2. In-laws

4. What to give if the person already has everything, or has more than you can afford?

Details alluding to people’s hobbies. They can be books or videos.


5. Gifts that you will never look bad with

  1. Books
  2. Gourmet items

6. Gift wrapping

Don’t forget to wrap it well. It is as important as the gift itself.

7. How much to spend on a gift

It is personal, but there is a strict rule to follow: spend 5% of your salary, at most.

8. Gift suggestions for men:

  • Shirts made to measure.
  • Silver calf-links for shirts.
  • Details alluding to his hobbies.

9. Gift suggestions for women:

  • Bathrobe with relaxing salts kit.
  • Massages at home.
  • Sleepwear kit, with pajamas and nightgown.

10. If you do not know what to give.

Only in this case, it is worth giving a prepaid card from a departmental store.