The Sims Game Review

No matter how good the Sims game was, it was not for everyone. Maybe because some people do not see this game. This is because he did not have enough goals, and the player left to solve his own goals. That’s why we can call the sims a toy, not a game.

The Sims also owes a large part of their success to the non-player players who entered the game mainly because of its opening. If your imagination is not richer, you will be happy with the Sims. What is even more for Sims 4 than for the original.

It must be difficult to continue with the best-selling game, because this time you need to improve it even more. If you decide to make too many changes in the game, you can risk a winning formula whereby the original will become the best-selling PC game of all time. On the other hand, if it is not enough to change, it will simply be a side effect of the original.

With the new game, they got rid of all the problems of the previous game, they significantly improved the gameplay and the graphic update they did was really necessary. The sequel is not a well-tuned version compared to the first, it’s a completely new game!

The biggest change you will notice is a significant improvement in your visual quality. All the sims 4 download characters and the things they can interact with are very well drawn. Also a very visible personality that the characters of Sims can express due to the many options of animation that they have introduced in the game. Many of the animations also depend on the personality of the character.

sims 4 download

As in the first Sims game, Sims 4 does not have a real goal, which depends on you

Even if there is no specific goal, the Sims still have their needs, fears and things that they want more than others. There are also several tricks that you can apply in the game.

A player can experience many things in the Sims games that people experience in real life. Things like having children, relationships, learning, parties and more. In addition, simulators can experience fictitious activities, such as seeing a ghost, alien abduction and becoming pregnant with a man, or visiting a grim reaper. If you’re interested, The Sims 4 is a great sequel and a great game in itself, and is recommended to everyone. Yes, it presents many new features that enhance the gameplay, which was so popular in the original game, but not very up-to-date.


Even if some players still dislike Sims 2, Sim’s fans will be really impressed with the depth of the game and the new additions in spielen-pc.