Create Spotify Profile And Get More Plays

Getting plays in your music is a big success. You are not a professional singer yet your music gets 50 plays in a day is already an achievement. Of course, with lots of popular music and songs available, it could be lucky if your music is played. It is a fact that listeners use to search for their favorite singers first before playing their songs. You may like it or not, it is not denied that the music streaming industry continued to grow fast-paced. Spotify had hit a new milestone of million subscribers. Now, Spotify had been used by independent artists to strengthen their presence in the music industry.

How to build and strengthen your presence  

Any artist can make use of Spotify to build a presence in the music industry. If you are an aspirant professional singer and looking for a good start to build your presence, go for creating a Spotify profile. If you are done creating a profile, you can be ready to upload your music and songs through the music app. Now, the second step is to think about Spotify promotion of your songs. You may follow simple and easy steps to make a difference and start your success on Spotify.

1.) Build an “On Air” music. The main purpose of having an “On Air” music is the availability to access online. You may have heard about songs played on YouTube, radio, Sound Cloud and any app online. Thus, if your music is available on air, it should be an available play or can be streamed on Spotify. You can now monetize your music, get your profile to be followed and continued listening.

2.) Verified profile. It is very important to verify a profile. The same with how you verify your social media profiles. With that, you can directly connect and communicate with the fans. The profile should be highlighted with a check of approval by Spotify. The fans will get informed by receiving notifications from you like new music is uploaded. Recent activities will notify the fans and it helps to increase followers and get more plays.

3.) Show up the Spotify button on your website. Spotify profile can be promoted to on your website. By putting a Spotify play button plugin using an embeddable code, your fans can listen to your music. Let your fans listen to your music while spending more time browsing your website.