Ghibli studios is known in the entire world for its release of one of the most favored animations of all times, spirited away and my neighbor Totoro. These were one of the most popular animations that many people held dear. Fortunately, these animations need not be a distant memory. You can now get mementos to remind you of the different characters that were featured in the different animations. With Ghibli you will never fail to get an item that will appeal to you based on your favorite animation and character.

Spirited away collections

You will be treated to a large collection of items that will remind you of the different characters in the animation Spirited away.

  • If you love the little boy Haku in the animation, you will be able to find a Haku u-shape stuffed plush that has been beautifully designed.
  • You will also be able to find beautifully designed Chihiro T-shirts. Not only are the T-shirts superbly done, you will also be investing in quality cotton T-shirts that with adequate care, you will be able to use for a long time.Additionally, you will be able to get sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts and a variety of costumes.
  • There are several no-face collections that you will love to serve as a reminder of this character. You will be able to choose from a music box, Led night light figure, piggy banks and many more.

My neighbor Totoro

Totoro was one of the most fascinating characters in this animation. It is no wonder that many people have been seeking souvenirs to remind them of this fascinating character. When you choose Ghibli you will be treated to a wide collection to choose from. These include:

  • Totoro print T-shirts of different styles and designs for men and women. You will also have a large collection of Ghibli character T-shirts for kids.
  • Totoro print throw pillow covers of different colors
  • Totoro unisex sweatshirts
  • My neighbor Totoro Led night light figure
  • Totoro plush gray of different sizes
  • My neighbor Totoro baby clothes