Picosecond Spotting Laser Selection  

The separate price reference for Picoway, Picogenius, and Picosure

This year’s the picoseconds is very hot, and the beauty center on the market is offering a wide variety of Pico genius lasers. Each of this is advertised as the best and most effective. It is just giving the best effect and very easy, youcan make people stupid. I am suggesting you compare the following aspects before choosing the treatment. Do not make the decision of picosecond to regret.

Pico genius lasers

From various reviews, you can seet hat the Picogenius picosecond spotting performance is best. Traditional lasers can be very painful in the treatment process, there will be postoperative and wounds anti-black period of the six months to a year. The number of treatments can be more than 10 times for removing the spots.

However, PicoGenius can significantly improve with single treatment of picoseconds. No wounds, no anti-black and high comfort. In PricoGenius, it can be said that the recovery would be painless and short, almost no recovery period at all and postoperative. You can make up the make-up.

The main advantage of PicoGenius is that it is using dual-wavelength and double focus technology and stabilizing the output, which is of very high energy having the strongest pulse time of 350 picoseconds through the DOE optical lens. The energy is penetrating through the epidermis layer to the dermis layer, which is greatly reducing the pair. The heat is damaging the skin and helping to break down the melanin in the few treatments.

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