Types Of Keys For Locksmiths

Locksmiths are the experts, performing their jobs with the best efforts and a great level of knowledge as well as the expertise. They work with a wide range of interesting and different keys that can both be the tool they use to repair or to copy. They make use of different Types of Keys to get assistance for completing their jobs very well. Some keys are very exciting in the way they work and validate some of the originality that goes into designing, producing and implementing keys and locks, which are really hard to bypass. The combination of keys and locks give the necessary amount of security.

What are the keycodes?

Keycodes are utilized by locksmiths when they are going to create keys. These codes contain characters that have both numbers, and letters. This is why they are known as alphanumeric key codes. Have you ever noticed the locks on your cabinets or desks or their keys? If yes, then the more chances, you read some letters and numbers stamped on them, which are known as key codes. Taking these key codes into consideration, different keys are produced. Have a look at some interesting locksmith keys, he can produce:

  • Internal cut

It is also known as laser cut or sidewinder. It is a key, which has the notches inside a wavy groove in the straight rectangular blade. Generally, the groove is on either sideways, inserting either way up. It is a durable key and needs a particular kind of machine to be cut.

  • Four sided keys

It is known as cross keys or cruciform. These keys have not one set of teeth, but 4 that makes them look like a cross when you see directly on them. It is a kind of key that is at one more durable, but far more difficult to pick. This key is designed to operate many pins concurrently.

  • Skeleton keys

These are not the keys that people use on their own, but they can be the tools for burglars or locksmiths. In today’s world, they are obsolete. They are not used these days. They are made to open many other locks. In the past times, they were used to open the church locks or open warded locks, which only offer minimal security. They do not have the complex pin systems that are used in the most external locks. This is the reason why they are beneficial for locksmiths.

So, according to the types of keys locksmiths have, these keys can be used in accordance with the opening of the locks of different things. Locksmiths are the professionals, who are well-known to all kinds of keys and where they can be used. If you are in a need to hire the locksmith, make sure that he should have the proper knowledge.